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Presented by: American Red Cross San Diego / Imperial Counties Chapter
February 16, 2010

COVID-19 Update – 4/27/20

APRIL 21, 2020 SAN DIEGO VOAD Meeting Notes
Partner Reports
  • Supplied to Interfaith Community Services: 500 hygiene kits, 600 adult diapers
  • Supplied to County of San Diego: 2000 hygiene kits
  • Supplied to American Red Cross for repatriation (Miramar): 1200 hygiene kits
  • Provided to San Diego Food Bank: 420 manhours for delivery of food boxes, phone calls, packing of canned goods, cereal, fruits etc.
Team Rubicon (Operational Day 20, 3-30-20 through 4-24-20)
  • Provided to San Diego Food Bank: Made 7,959 calls to citizens
  • Delivered 1,265 food boxes (46,805 lbs. of food)
The Salvation Army
Provided to the San Diego Region:
  • 2917 Meals,
  • 5345 Beverages,
  • 1500 Snacks,
  • 5755 Food Boxes,
  • 767 Persons prayed with,
  • 506 Persons contacted,
  • 265 Hygiene Kits,
  • 235 Toilet Paper,
  • 253 Cases of Diapers,
  • 303 Articles of Clothing, 4
  • 977 Man hours
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
  • Provided: 960 rolls of toilet paper for repatriation (Miramar)
  • LDS Emergency Response Leaders are volunteering with Feeding San Diego
  • Provided: 20,000 lbs. of food to San Diego Food Bank, 20,000 lbs. of food to Chula Vista area, 20,000 lbs. of food to Santee area, 20,000 lbs. of food to Ramona Food Pantry for Julian, 20,000 lbs of food to Father Joe’s
  • Providing Access and technical support to for volunteer needs and opportunities
CalDART (See Operation Medical Shield below)
Making emergency AMBU Bag Ventilators and donating them to hospitals in critical Need
International Relief Team
  • Provided: A monetary donation to The San Diego COVID-19 Community Response Fund.
  • Contacted the SD Food Bank and are having 120,000 cans of food delivered to them sometime in the next two weeks.
San Diego Food Bank
Continuing to provide food and collaborating with VOAD Partners to help with manpower demands
Feeding San Diego
Continuing to provide food and collaborating with VOAD Partners to help with manpower demands
The Rock Church
Operating PPE donation hubs and preparing masks for those in need. Volunteers needed for Protective Mask Assembly: volunteer here

COVID-19 Updates as of 4/27/20

Does your agency need PPE for its staff/volunteers?
If your agency is in need of PPE, please contact Erin McCann at the County Office of Emergency Services, Please share the quantities of items you need for either a two week or 30 day period of time.
SD COVID-19 Essential Workers Childcare Needs Survey:
If your agency has essential workers (not limited to first responders and healthcare professionals), who are providing essential services such as feeding, emergency shelter, and safety net services related to providing COVID-19 in support of this public health crisis in the county, please encourage them to take this survey (
Share the survey so even more essential workers can be aware or and take the survey. Survey closes May 6th. Here are direct links to SD County Office of Education’s social posts so you can retweet/repost, to help spread the word:
Take the survey:
Share the survey:
SD COVID-19 Medical Initiative Donations Program:
The County of San Diego has partnered with the Rady’s Foundation and The Rock Church to accept donations of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). A Donations information flyer is attached, please share this with your members and supporters. Donors should reach out to the Donation Hotline by contacting:
• 1-800-258-0007 or
• (public facing)
Needed: Volunteers & Donations for Operation Medical Shield:
This San Diego non-profit is making emergency AMBU Bag Ventilators…and donating them to hospitals in critical need! Operation Medical Shield. They are in need of Volunteers in the areas of, Laser Cutting, 3D Printing, assembly, and Basic electronics. They are collaborating with Makerspace groups to make emergency AMBU Bag ventilators, developed by Rice University in Houston Texas, based on work done by MIT. It is fully developed, ready for production, and delivery for our Hospitals.
ApolloBVM, Automated Bag Valve Mask, Rice University
To see the system in operation, check out:
Contact Ronald Lovick, CalDART – San Diego, with questions:
Please share the Childcare Supplies Flyer with your network – they are looking for cleaning supplies for the family childcare providers and childcare centers who are supporting San Diego’s essential staff, including first responders and health professionals.

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Are you a disaster survivor?

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